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HP Wifi Printing Problem

The fact is that every printer works on an average speed so as to print well. If it prints too fast it will give flawed printing, its output quality will be low and the paper will regularly jam. Also if it prints too slowly it will take much time for printing & often it does not print and get stuck in such cases. Thus it must work at the normal speed.

For finding the reasons that why your printing is taking so much time you can look over the following things:

What is being printed?

Wi-Fi HP Printing Problem

The speed of the printing of paper in the HP printing machine is directly depended on what is being printed whether it is a full page with full color picture or whether it is something like full page of graphics and colours. Multiple pages also often take much time in printing. The more time is involved because it takes tremendous amount of data to represent and transmitted from your computer to the printer.

Is your computer busy?

It is obvious that if your computer is busy while at the time of printing it will become slow. If there are heavy programs running in the disk it will affect the printing process and will make it slow. The fact is all the data that is to be printed is written to the hard disk first which is then taken by the spooler of the machine from your hard disk for printing. Thus hard disk must not have any other heavy program while printing.

What type of Printer network and connection you are using?

Wi-Fi HP Printing issue

It is also possible that type of connection is having some kind of problems. If you're network connection is having problems and if it is slow the printing will slow the things down.

What type of Printer drivers you have?

The Printer drivers can have an impact on printing. For eliminating such problems you can use latest & specific printer drivers.