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HP Printer Queue Error

Sometimes it happens that you are stuck in an issue where your document gets stuck in the printing queue. It means that it is stuck and it won’t print out now. Though it will not give any error message but it will make the system down to crawl and the status of the document will be in the print queue. It will continue to stay as ‘printing’ forever but will never actually print.

HP Printer Queue Error

The biggest problem is that this stuck print job cannot be cancelled or deleted and clicking on the job of cancel is of no use. In such cases you can try deleting the action but many a times this also does not help. The delete option may be selected and one can try to delete the stuck operation but it never actually deletes and until it is not deleted properly no further documents can be printed because they are in a queue. If this does not help you can try several other things.

The fixing of the problem is not that tough you can simply fix the problem by following certain steps. The steps can be:

Step 1: Delete prior action of the files and restart

You need to clear the print queue manually so that current print jobs are deleted. Also ensure that the queue is deleted properly. It is after this that the printing queue starts working properly.

Step 2: Check if the printer is paused or is offline

If the printer is offline or is paused it will not be active and thus printing options does not work until the printer becomes active again

Step 3: Try eliminating the problem by using the HP Print and Scan Doctor

HP provides a free tool called HP Print and Scan Doctor. This can be used to diagnose and resolve printing and scanning problems.

Step 4: If problem continues try reinstalling the print driver

If print jobs are still in stuck while printing, you can reset the printing software system. In this files can be removed and print driver can be reinstalled.

HP Printer Queue problem